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1940’s Women’s Fashion Entrance

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Women’s fashion of the 1940s was a time of great restraint on design, fabric, and accessories. The fight forced the design of the goods to be simple but forced the manufacturing of materials and inventions. In the 1940s, new inventions were made by women, many of which still exist.

  1. Necklace. Before 1940 the shape of women was made of metal with metal bands. In the 1940s the belt was developed as a tummy tuck underwear. Made just in the middle down to the waist and created a smooth greenglass silhouette paired with vint fashion. The skirt was uncomfortable and was eventually replaced with ink or no underwear at all. Today the gown comes with body shape, high stock management, underwear control and other appropriate clothing and basic clothing. The names may have been changed, but these clothes are just updated belts to hide.
  2. Wedding gowns. Leather and wood were needed in battle so the design of the shoes had to be technical. The solution was cork. The cork sole was applied to the hair heels and was then wrapped in fine cloth, mesh or fair skin. It is economical and allows a very long heel for what was considered a heel pump. Today weddings are becoming more and more fashionable, especially in the summer, when sandals hit the seas.
  3. Rayon. If you didn’t know, Rayon is a natural fabric. It was established and became popular in the 1940’s. Up to that time wool, silk, and cotton have been the fabric of clothing. Silk and cotton were needed in battle to use Rayon. It can be as simple as a lump or as hard as a fleece. Today rayon is still used in fine linen, especially in summer.
  4. Nylons. Before 40 years of femininity was made of silk. They were fat and needed regular maintenance and hand washing. Dupont then started nylon and as a result “Nylons” became a stock name by name. Today nylon is still used to make all kinds of hosiery and fabrics.
  5. Zipper. Thanks to the new women’s 1940s women can wear clothing instead of using buttons, shorts or cut outs.
  6. Plastic. Although various types of plastic have been available since the 1920s it was not until the 1940s that they were the most marketable segments in the fashion world. Jewelry is made of Bakelite plastic in a beautifully colored design. Bags, Customs, and household items were manufactured in Lucite. You may not recognize these plastic words but I’m sure you know that plastic is everywhere in fashion – from the fun bucket to the zippers to the handle.
  7. Forks of gas. You might think that the 1980s were the first decade to use shoulder bags. In fact they go back much further than in the 1940s but as a standard replacement for women’s clothing in the 1940s was the first. They used shoulder pads on dresses, jackets, and trousers to square the shoulders on the battlefield. The 1980s was heavily influenced by 1940s fashion and then the shoulder pads came back in style.

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