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How To Get Glowing Face & Body Skin Natural Remedies



Inner beauty maintenance:

We need a few on a daily basis to keep our face and body healthy and beautiful. For this, we have to make some changes in the diet we take, We should consume more greens every day.Like Nuts, walnuts, and pistachios should be included in our diet. We need to make sure that the food we eat is high in protein, Yet you have to drink vegetable juice every day for which a carrot, Beetroot, and gooseberry taking these three cut into small pieces and put in the mixer, Make a smooth paste and the juice should be ready this juice should be taken daily. Drinking this juice every day will make your face glow brighter. Within a month you can see the result. Both your face and body are glowing brightly.

The next step is by taking a glass of water every morning with half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey. This way our skin stays hydrated by drinking this juice. Cool drinks should be avoided. We should take fresh fruit juices at home. Junk food should be completely abandoned. Fresh fruits, Sprouted seeds, Pulses Nuts Yogurt Similar foods should be taken. By doing this your skin will always look glowing and youthful. Eat as many seasonal fruits as possible. The most important thing is that we should take sufficient and water every day. If done this way our skin will always be glowing healthy and youthful.

Outer beauty maintenance:

To keep our skin radiant. The CTM routine should be followed. We can easily do the CTM process with the household items for the CTM routine. CTM means cleansing toning and moisturization.


the first step is we can cleanse our face then we need to take a little milk for cleansing. Take milk in this way and massage it all over the face. Doing so will remove all the dust on our faces. Apart from our rule for cleansing, we can also use moong dal powder as a fine paste. You can also use rice flour or gram flour. The pours will open on our face after we cleanse to keep our skin radiant.


These pores should be closed, which means we should do toning compulsory. Toning is something we can easily do with the things we find at home. Rosewater can be used as a toner for any skin type person. we can easily prepare toners in our home. Take a few rose petals and boil them well in the water. This water should be filtered after it has cooled. We can use this mixture as a daily toner. If you have either pimples and oily skin you can use neem toner. For this, we can take some neem leaves should be cleaned. Put these leaves in water and boil well Once the water is cool, filter and store. Applying this mixture daily as a toner will make the spots and pimples on your face disappear. The glow on the face increases and your skin is healthy and glowing.


We definitely need to apply moisturizer after toning to keep our skin moisturized and radiant. suppose  If you have dry skin, you can also apply the ghee found in our house. Take two or three drops of ghee and apply it all over the face. They have normal skin Take two or three drops of coconut oil and apply it all over the face. After that, you can do this on your face with any makeup products. Our skin is healthy and glowing if the CTM routine is followed in this way.

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Health Tips

More Energy At Work – Healthy Tips




more energy at work healthy

If you always feel tired and sleepy at work, here the best tips for staying awake at work:

1. Take Some Caffeine

Take drinks with caffeine. The drinks can provide the energy for staying awake at work. However, some caffeine can cause a caffeine crash.

Coffee can help you stay awake since it contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. However, once the effects of caffeine wear off, it may cause an energy crash. That is why some people do not take coffee.

In fact, some people prefer taking drinks containing less caffeine, including black and green tea. They replace coffee with these drinks.

The stimulating effect of tea is gentle. That is why tea can reduce the peaks and dips in energy you will experience during the day.

2. Having a Consistent Sleep Schedule

You may drink stimulants, like caffeine, because of your inconsistent sleep pattern or poor sleep schedule. Many adults need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

However, this varies from person to person. You still need to get around 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to help balance the energy levels of your body. If your mattress has seen better days take a look at these Nectar mattress reviews.

You can go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Having a consistent sleep schedule can help you get more rest at night. Get enough rest to keep your mind alert and active during the day.

3. Go Outside

The body’s circadian rhythms regulating wakefulness and sleep cycles take cues from the daylight’s levels.

If you want to reset your circadian rhythms, you need to spend some time outdoors in the daylight every day. This helps your body finds balance in your sleep cycle.

The blue early morning light is the best for many people. However, if you cannot get the blue early morning light, you can simply spend some time outside every day.

4. Have a Conversation

Having an engaging conversation can make it difficult to feel tired. It keeps you active and alert. That is why people, who converse with their friends and colleagues regularly, are more alert than other people.

Do not use emails to communicate with people. Instead, choose conversations. Having engaging conversations with your coworkers can improve the monotony in your workplace.

5. Listen to Music

Play music in headphones or at work to keep your brain active. You can play any music you like. However, relaxing and calming music can make you feel tired. So, choose something lively to stimulate your brain. Do not play sleep-inducing music.

6. Exercise

Once you feel tired, exercising might seem counterintuitive. However, physical exercises can increase oxygen-rich blood flow throughout your body. Exercises can improve your blood flow, which can positively impact your mind. You can get your blood flowing with a quick jog or a few squats.

7. Stay Active

If you cannot do exercise at work, you can take short breaks throughout the day. Do not just sit down during the short breaks. Walk around your building during your short breaks. Staying active can keep your blood flowing.

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Health Tips

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally




Lips are turning black for many people these days. This is due to pollution and the effect of the sun. Some of the products found outside are still being used. However, the lips are losing moisture. We can make our lips glow red using some items that we can find at home.

Scrubbing with sugar and honey:

For scrubbing, we first need to take two tablespoons of sugar into a bowl. If the sugar particles are large, put them in a mixer and make them a little thicker. Then take two tablespoons of honey in it, The two should be mixed well and gently massaged on our lips. This will improve the blood circulation on our lips. Then our lips will naturally turn on red color and Become soft. This way you can do it twice a week. Then take some ghee and apply it to our lips.

massage with lemon and honey:

First, take a lemon, cut it and squeeze the juice. Take two tablespoons of the juice in a bowl. We need to take two spoons of honey in the same bowl. The two should blend well Apply this mixture on the lips and massage well. Then leave it for an hour Then wipe with water or a wet cloth. Doing so will make your lips turn pretty red, Because lemon juice removes the black color on your lips Also honey nourishes and softens your lips.

How to turn red lips through food:

We should consume more greens, vegetables, and fruits in our diet during the day. We need to make sure that we have as amaranth leaves in our diet every day. Intake of amaranth leaves promotes better blood circulation. Drink vegetable juice every day, you can drink carrot and beetroot juice. In addition, the daily intake of tomato and cucumber juices helps in the formation of hemoglobin. This allows the blood to grow better in the body. Our lips also turn red and soft. The next thing to remember is to drink 4 or 5 liters of water every day. A well-supplied supply of blood means doing a little exercise with the lips during the day.

Milk and turmeric pack:

First, we need to clean the lips. Next, take a spoonful of milk in a small bowl. And a spoonful of turmeric should also be taken. The two should blend well. Apply the mixture to the lips and let it dry for a while, then rinse clean.

Pomegranate and milk pack:

First, take some pomegranate seeds and take the juice from them. Take a little milk into the juice and mix well. Apply the mixture to the lips. Wipe well until dry. Doing so will make your lips turn red.

Aloe vera gel and turmeric pack:

First, we need to take some pure aloe vera paste for this. Add a little yellow to it. The two should blend well. Then apply it on the lips and let it dry for a while. Then wipe with a damp cloth.

Honey and lemon pack:

For this, first, take two spoons of honey in a bowl. Then take one tablespoon of lemon juice into a bowl and mix well. Apply the mixture to the lips. Wash off after two minutes.

Almond oil and lemon pack:

For this, first, take one spoon of almond oil in a bowl. Then take one or two drops of lemon juice into a bowl and mix well. Apply the mixture to the lips. Then wash it.

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Health Tips

How To Remove Dandruff Permanently With Home Remadies




how to get rid of dandruff naturally quickly

Dandruff is a problem that many people are facing now. Everyone from children to adults suffers from this dandruff problem. We must take appropriate precautions to lose this dandruff Also let’s find out the reason why this dandruff is coming. Most of us hang out mostly in the sun. This causes our head to sweat well and all your sweat accumulates We call this dandruff. We need to take proper care of ourselves before we get dandruff before suffering from it. For this, we need to bathe our heads after going outside in the sun.  If we follow this little technique we can be careful not to get dandruff.

How to remove dandruff:

We can easily remove dandruff by using household ingredients. we can get rid of dandruff by using natural ingredients. let’s see what they are now

1. Dill pack To Remove Dandruff:

We can easily get rid of dandruff using the dill found in our house For this, first take three tablespoons of dill and soak it for one night After doing this, take the dill soaked in this way the next morning and grind it well. This paste should be taken into a bowl, In the same bowl, we have to squeeze half a cup of lemon In the same bowl. Then add the yogurt too , Mix all three well. The mixture should be well applied to the scalp. After that leave for half an hour as well After that one should take a bath. Dandruff is lost if done this way.

2.Coconut oil pack to Remove Dandruff:

We can easily remove dandruff with coconut oil found in our house To do this, first we take a little coconut oil and squeeze a little half lemon juice in it. Mix the two well and apply on the head. The head should be bathed after a half an hour. If this is done dandruff will slowly disappear.

3.Sesame oil pack For Remove Dandruff:

We need to take a little amount of  sesame oil. as we can Heat this oil a little,  We have to take this heated oil and mix some neem leaves juice  in it. Apply it on the scalp and leave it on overnight. The next morning, the head should be bathed with soapnut juice.If you do this, the dandruff will disappear completely.

4.Get Rid Of Dandruff With Yogurt pack:

You can also get rid of dandruff with yogurt. Take a little fermented yogurt and apply it to the scalp. After doing this, leave it  half an hour and Then the head should be washed with shampoo when the concentration is low. Doing this will make dandruff go away slowly. Do this two or three times a week.

5.Onion juice pack To Remove Dandruff:

First we need to cut onion into pieces and put it in a mixer and make a soft paste The resulting paste should be strained into a glass and set aside Fresh aloe vera gel should also be taken in it. Mix the two ingredients well. The mixture thus prepared should be applied well to the head and then left for half an hour.Then rinse with a mild shampoo ,If we do this twice or thrice a week, the dandruff in us will go away.

6.Baking soda pack To Remove Dandruff:

Baking soda has antifungal properties, It works very well in removing dandruff. To do this, first take two tablespoons of baking soda, add a couple of tablespoons of water and mix well. Apply this mixture well on the head and leave it for two or three minutes. After that it should be bathed.This will get rid of all the dandruff in our head and you will see better results.

7.Apple cider vineger pack To Delete Dandruff:

We can also remove dandruff by using apple cider vinegar It completely eliminates dandruff as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.Take two or three tablespoons of vinegar and mix it equally with water This mixture should be well applied to the head. You can use it once a week as the dandruff will slowly disappear and hair will also shine and silky.

8.How to use shampoo Properly:

Most of us do not know how to use shampoo. We should not apply the shampoo directly, mix it well with water and then apply it on the scalp. We get hair fall so we have to mix the shampoo with water first and then apply it on the scalp. It is better to do this as well. Another thing is to wash the scalp thoroughly with water after shampooing.


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