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Titanic: Women Empowerment Movie (Film Analysis)

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“What? Do you think the first girl can’t drink?” In the Titanic movie written and produced by James Cameron in 1997, it depicts the situation of women in 1912. The film depicts the parallels between the Caucasian group – the poor boy artist and the independent lass. It also tells the story of one of the most memorable tragedies in history.

The story began sometime in 1997 when treasure hunter Brock Lovett searched for a rare diamond necklace, Heart of the Sea, in the ruins of the RMS Titanic. They happen to find a painting of a young woman wearing a necklace naked. The woman appeared as Rose DeWitt Bukater —- Rose Dawson Calvert. Then he revealed Lovett told him of his experiences about the titanic. The story continues as 17-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater, the first passenger in the 1912 class on the Titanic board. He was forced to marry a rich man named Caledon Hockley, who gave him an end to ending his life as a way to escape. As he was about to jump, a man stopped him and asked for help but authorities thought he was a rapist and when they found out he was innocent Cal was forced to invite Jack to dinner with another roommate. The story goes on, Rose and Jack fall in love without warning by Rose’s mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater. Then, Cal found everything out and locked Jack away from Rose. Then the Titanic hit the ice, and the ship began to sink, and Rose went to save Jack. The omission of both is not limited because all life tubes are gone. Because of the wooden panel on which Rose climbed, she was saved because one of the lifeboats had returned. While Jack died of hypothermia. After being saved Rose decided to change her name as Rose Dawson and follow her heart leaving all the wealth she had before. The story goes back to this time, Lovett and his company who heard the story moved and rejected the idea of ​​a sea throat. The movie ended with an old Rose holding a necklace and hurling it into the sea.

Rose is a mere figurative of an independent woman, fell in love with a poor artist, abandoned her family and spouse, left her former life, and lived her life alone. He has featured many things throughout the movie; Women are knowledgeable and not just beautiful, she is a woman of her own mind and she is not afraid to share them because she believes in being creative, she is willing to try new things and not worry about what other people think about her, she does not care about how people interpret reality, she gives a new definition of power, she is confident his, he doesn’t need Jack to save him or else he risked his life save Jack. Rose testified that the heroes not only wear capes, they also wear them.

Overall, the movie Titanic was marked for me as it featured female empowerment. It may not have been the main focus of the story but it somehow gave me a different perspective that you would look at that area. The Titanic is worth a thousand tears. The actors and actresses show off their roles well which gives a lot of fun to the film. The production team and other technical staff have done a fantastic job in producing a movie that will now captivate the hearts of viewers. The music fostered the flow of the story, which gave an excellent narrative. That is why the movie loves my tip and I can say that it is a very sharp but meaningful movie.

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