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Women’s Activities Inspired Women’s Empowerment in America During the 19th Century

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From the beginning of the first half of the 1800 & # 39; s, women were ready to step out of their mainstream family by making an influential appearance, worldwide. This was mainly due to the opportunity to mark equal rights for women in society.

Such women were not only brave but equally defining the most prestigious positions in society for the cause they represented. Defending the rights of women & # 39; s, there were women & # 39; s the objects of this long struggle for women & # 39; equality and rights.

Women’s Seminary Movement

One of the most significant of these events was the seminar movement that began and took center stage in 1815, led by prominent leaders such as Emma Willard, Catherine E. Beecher, Zilpah P. Grant, Mary Lyon and Joseph Emerson. The purpose of this movement was to improve the level of women in education to transform women into better US citizens and to be called “future mothers.” This movement did not directly contribute to women in the civil rights movement but had a vital foundation to form part of the game that was a small step in driving women’s equality.

Seneca Falls Conference – July 19 and 20 1848, Seneca Falls New York

The Seneca Falls Conference has emerged as a collection of influential women. This was the first meeting organized by women in the United States. The main aim of the conference was to promote a higher number of people on the topic of women’s rights. In addition, the Right Declaration and judgment took the further step of signing the proceedings at this convention.

Women had very little rights during the early part of the 1800 & # 39; s. They were not allowed to vote or own any property. Susan Anthony who was born in Massachusetts in 1820 and later moved to New York at 6 o’clock and was studying at Deborah Moulson & # 39; s Female Seminary – a Quaker boarding school in Philadelphia at 17, is the building’s foundation for this movement.

Such important leaders have the necessary knowledge and wisdom to fight for the rights of women and equality that once again took the initiative to achieve equal rights for women and their empowerment. Women have gained prominent positions in the notch in society as they have taken a stand for independence and fought for their rights, equality and status.

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