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Empowerment of women



Women empowerment is understood to be a very limited time these days. Women empowerment should focus on the full expression of the female and female personality with the aim of achieving a perfect balance between masculinity and feminine power of nature without regard for gender. This is why women’s empowerment must transcend gender and reach all people in order to create a society based on creative and productive work. Such social cohesion must be based on the principles of love, kindness, nurture, and the purpose of unifying the forces of nature.

For this to happen in reality the key to the empowerment of women is social, economic, religious and political. Women need to get out of their homes and be actively involved in rebuilding society. When women are empowered in all spheres of life they have equal opportunity and if they have the choice and opportunity to live a more active life then we can talk about the foundation created for collective change in society.

We need to realize that women are becoming more economical, socially, religiously and politically, more confident when expressing their thoughts and becoming more productive in their actions. This enables him to make decisions for his family, community, country and the world and his male partner.

But this is not as true as we see today. Modern architecture is still family in nature based on power and control. In this type of setup there is a visible or invisible glass roof for women. Women cannot lift the ladder beyond nothing. That is why all the great forces in all walks of life are still controlled by men. The results of these last men’s hands being so much more manageable are seen. Feminism and sexuality are all matched in this set. After all, these types of bishops are responsible for dividing the community and fostering a tangible love of materialism based on the influence and exploitation of nature.

The empowerment of women in all modes of transportation will bring about the stability needed in nature. It will help to promote inclusive, sustainable, creative, creative and productive buildings that are environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

We still have to go before we can see the empowerment of women. Women’s economic empowerment is the first steps in this direction. The more a woman gains in economic power, the more successful she is at every stage of life.

It is therefore important to study and analyze women’s empowerment throughout the world and to find ways to achieve women empowerment throughout life.

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Women's Interests

Empowering alone can help our mothers




Provide a safe environment

When it comes to women empowerment, safety comes first. Although the public is well aware of gender equality, it is deemed to fall short on practical issues. Security is a fundamental right of every woman regardless of location, education, background or religion. It serves as a top priority in the case of poor, marginalized and homeless women. There are many NGOs working to provide safe shelter for women.

Train women to read and write

Every woman should have a good basic education. If he is illiterate, simple things like phone numbers, road signs or directions become a daily routine. This will therefore be regarded as one of the key building blocks of women empowerment. Teaching women to learn the first step of empowerment.

Create Career-Based Career Opportunities

Women are blessed to be able to perform many tasks. This talent makes them a fast learner and helps them get separated. Without proper management of their home, they can often learn to earn a living. Get them enrolled in any training program that helps them learn and earn a living. In this way, they feel more confident and can cope with the ups and downs of life more easily.

The power to make decisions

When it comes to managing a home, women show great examples of decision making. Whether you’re a housewife or a tenant, making decisions can help her go a long way. A lack of decision-making has been observed in women who are overconfident or who are deprived of love and family care.

Integration of Health Information

Women are not concerned about their health. While they are able to care for the whole family, they neglect health. Therefore, knowledge needs to be created among such women. They should be aware of family planning, health care and reproductive rights. Then, when necessary, they can raise their voices against any form of injustice.

Build a Good Network

Abandoned women need the extra support provided to build a good network. Women have the power to effect change in their communities. Therefore, they should be surrounded by people who develop self-esteem and confidence whether at home or abroad. Poor women especially or those with domestic violence problems need a good environment. Once they are inspired and confident, they can help others.

Creating Women Leaders

The best way to empower society is to empower women. They will need to provide leadership training that can help increase their public presence. Many organizations are reaching out to help women make their views public. This should be done first at home. Women should be encouraged to attend seminars, participate in demonstrations and plan community programs.

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Women's Interests

Women Empowerment in Rajasthan and India




“Women empowerment” means to empower or increase the position, status and status of women in all spheres of life. With the empowerment of women, we demand equality for men in matters of employment, marriage, inheritance, education, money, religion, etc. Through research, empowering women will act as a catalyst that will accelerate economic growth and further development.

No development tool is more effective than women’s empowerment. “ -Kofi Annan

The woman is the creator of life and without women the human life will cease to exist. But, unfortunately, we live in a male-dominated society where women are referred to as weak and ugly in men. The situation of women is worsening in India. In India, women are looked down upon and treated as men slaves.

“I think women are foolish to pretend to be equal to men; they are superior and they always are.” -The Gold Machine

The Purdah system, Sati practice, child marriage, and other such programs of weakness have been controlled or ceased to exist. But there are still many issues such as increasing cases of rape against women, sexual harassment in the workplace, crowdfunding programs, murder of women, honor killings, etc.

But many individuals, organizations, activists and groups work to uplift Indian women. Women know about their rights, they have many roles, and they know their power. But, not only the women themselves, but men need to wake up to a world that advances equality and equality. It is better to have this put in place than to be later, for our convenience. The long struggle going on for over a century has brought about women, voting rights, human rights, property rights, etc. Before the law on marriage and employment matters.

Even in Rajasthan, much work is being done to empower women. Improved girls’ education, better job opportunities for women, better work environments, successful implementation of business ideas, strengthening family support and open mindedness, positive change in public thinking, etc. It has been instrumental in empowering women in Jaipur and Rajasthan.

But, it is imperative to accelerate the growth of women because hundreds of thousands of women have suffered from injustice and injustice for centuries now, and it is time to end it so that women can cherish their femininity and femininity in the process of psychosis. First we need to address all social inequalities that affect women & # 39; to further change the position of women in society and nation. Next, when women will realize their worth and not give in to any wrongdoing, they can free themselves and stand up for their rights. Also, men need to understand that women are equal in all respects and should be treated with the utmost respect, dignity and integrity.

The world will know peace, harmony and sustainable growth when women and men will be together fearless and dependent on their partners.

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Women's Interests

Women Empowerment in India




Women empowerment in India is a challenging task as we need to acknowledge the fact that gender based discrimination is a deep rooted social malice practiced in India in many forms since thousands of years. The malice is not going to go away in a few years or for that matter by trying to work at it through half-hearted attempts. Formulating laws and policies are not enough as it is seen that most of the times these laws and policies remain on paper. The ground situation on the other hand just remains the same and in many cases worsens further. Addressing the malice of gender discrimination and women empowerment in India is a long drawn-out battle against the powerful structural forces of society that are against women’s growth and development.

Women empowerment in India: The need for ground level actions

We have to accept the fact that things are not going to change overnight but because of this we cannot stop taking action either. At this juncture the most important step is to initiate ground level actions however small it might seem. The ground level actions should be focused on changing the social attitudes and practices prevalent in society that are highly biased against women. This can be initiated by working with women at the root level and focusing on increasing women’s access and control over resources and increasing their control over decision making. Further working on the aspect of enhanced mobility and social interaction of women in society would positively influence the overall development and empowerment of women in India.

Women empowerment in India: Reality check at the ground level

Today there are lots of things that are happening in the name of women empowerment in India and lots of resources are spent in this direction. Keeping this in mind it is important to have a reality check on what’s happening on paper and what is the actual ground situation. It is worthwhile to ponder on the fact that we are one of the worst in terms of worldwide gender equality rankings. In India women are discriminated and marginalized at every level of society whether it is social participation, economic opportunity and economic participation, political participation, access to education or access to nutrition and reproductive health care. A significant few in the society still consider women as sex objects. Gender disparity is high, crimes against women are increasing and violence against women is always high and in most cases go unreported. Dowry related problems and deaths are increasing and are profoundly manifesting in the urban population. Workplace harassment of women is another phenomenon that is increasing as more women join the workforce. Early age marriages are still taking place in large numbers and the number of girls going to school is abysmally low. Most of the girls who join the school drop out by the age of puberty to get married and live a life of drudgery. Female feticide and infanticide are starring the nation as one of the biggest social crisis. All this is happening despite the fact that there are a number of programs and policy initiatives that are being run by the government and other bodies. The year 2001 was declared as the National policy for the empowerment of women. So it is time to ask the question whether we are moving in the right direction and where we are in terms of paper actions and actual ground realities.

Women empowerment in India: Discrimination against women in all walks of life

One of the major aspects of women empowerment in India is to change the attitude of society towards women. The problem in India is that society never worked on the premise of gender equality from a long-term perspective. Atrocities and discrimination against women is a way of daily life in Indian society. There is an attitude that is still prevalent in India where women are considered to be only worthwhile for household activities and managing children. The veil system, child marriage and dowry are testimonies to this truth. Women have never been a part of the mainstream society in India and they are still considered a great liability. If we just look at the sex ratio it will show the plight of women in India. It is the lowest at around 933. Female literacy is just 54.16% as per 2001 Census. In Indian parliament and assemblies women have never represented more than 10%. Most of the women workers in India are outside the organized sector. Administrators, managers, professionals combined together and technical workers on the other hand are the lowest at 2.3% and 20% respectively. Now these figures provide the real truth of the actual mentality of a society that has restricted women, marginalized women and discriminated against women quite openly. Can we achieve women empowerment in India with these alarming and dismal figures?

Women empowerment in India: Women not in control over their circumstances

As mentioned before the government had announced 2001 as the women’s empowerment year but nothing much has happened even after that. Women even today are not able to exercise full control over their circumstances or actions. From a welfare society at the inception, India moved on to embrace the developmental model and now the latest fad is the empowerment model. But with all these initiatives however genuine they may have been or are, nothing substantial has happened on the ground. Majority of Women in India are poor, uneducated and insufficiently trained. They often end up in the daily struggle of managing an ill-equipped family and are not in a position to propel themselves out of oppressive and regressive social and economic conditions. Female infanticide is one of the biggest crimes against humanity that is being carried out in India. The patriarchal system promotes the male child and considers women as property or liability from the day she is born. We need to accept the truth that there is a great discrepancy in the ideology and the actual practice of empowerment policy in India. Everything is happening at a very superficial level and the time has come to find an actionable path at the ground level for real and measurable change.

Women empowerment in India: Issues to be tackled

There are quite a large number of issues that need to be addressed to streamline the existing women empowerment programs in India as well as initiating actual work at the ground level. Women make up to 52% of the country’s population but their living conditions are very tough and torturous. To initiate measurable actions at ground level, women’s education should be given top priority and female literacy programs need to be enforced across the country. Further to improve the socioeconomic conditions women need to be trained and better equipped to take informed decisions. The real change will only be visible when social attitudes and norms change. Here inclusive programs involving men are the need of the hour. This will be helpful for working out adjusting and sharing gender based specific performance or tasks that are currently overburdening women to no end. Unless we improve the ground level living standards of women in India we may not be able to influence their empowerment in any other possible way. Various issues that need to be addressed to improve the overall conditions of women in India include making access to affordable coking fuel for rural women, providing safe drinking water, sanitation, increasing decision making capacity among women, providing equal wages as that of men, ending their exploitation, improving the political participation of women, eradicating poverty among women, increasing the safety of women who are engaged in agriculture as daily wage workers, providing affordable healthcare and nutrition and managing the risk of unwanted pregnancies, HIV infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

Women empowerment in India: Ending gender inequality and gender bias

It has to be understood that unless we change the basic social attitude that cultivates gender inequality and gender bias we would not be able to achieve much in terms of women empowerment in India. There are many laws and there have been many amendments that have been made to end discrimination against women and empowerment women in all aspects of life. Gender equality is enshrined in the Indian constitution and constitutional empowers of the state to end gender based discrimination against women. There is reservation of seats in local bodies and municipalities and another law is being envisioned for reservation in parliament. But the sad part is that all of these laws and amendments have become toothless as fundamental problems lie in the attitude of society that is highly biased against women. Now what is the solution? The only solution is for women to come together as a unifying force and initiate self-empowering actions at the ground level. Let it happen even if it is at a slow pace at first but it should happen no matter how small the initial steps might look like. So the connection is very clear. Once we work towards self-empowerment through a small number of infinite actions, we become aware of the ground realities and then we can think about taking a further recourse towards changing the mindset of a society that fosters gender inequality and bias.

Women empowerment in India: Ending violence against women

When we talk about women empowerment in India the most important aspect that comes to mind is the attitude of society towards women. Women are still considered to be burdensome and liabilities. They are also considered as properties. These kinds of attitudes give birth to the evil of violence against women. Women empowerment in India is not possible unless violence against women is eradicated from society. The National Commission on Women was created in 1992 and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women was ratified in 1993. Apart from laws and policies formulations of violence against women can only be tackled through attitudinal changes that need to take place in the family. , in the society and the female members of the society as well. Only this attitudinal change and proactive action against violence by every single individual will help in galvanising the slumbering structures of government and society towards further concrete steps and action. Unless society accepts gender equality as a fundamental principle of human existence all efforts will only partially bear results. Gender sensitisation and gender training is the primary need of the hour. The struggle for gender equality should be carried out at every level and it should overcome the barriers of caste, class, race and religion.

Women empowerment in India: Cooperation among women

To reemphasize once again, women’s empowerment cannot take place unless women come together and decide to self-empower themselves. Self empowerment should be all round in nature. Once this happens then we can think about galvanizing the system towards the direction of better health facilities, nutrition and educational facilities for women at a very large scale. Self-empowerment can begin by addressing day-to-day issues faced by individual women and tackling them with a mindset of improving the overall living conditions of women at every level and strata of society. A movement has to build which awakens the individual self in each and every woman for creative and generative action. In this regard progressive and resourceful women in society need to come forward to help their less privileged sisters in as many ways as possible. This will help us sow the seed for real women empowerment in India.

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