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Women Empowerment in Rajasthan and India

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“Women empowerment” means to empower or increase the position, status and status of women in all spheres of life. With the empowerment of women, we demand equality for men in matters of employment, marriage, inheritance, education, money, religion, etc. Through research, empowering women will act as a catalyst that will accelerate economic growth and further development.

No development tool is more effective than women’s empowerment. “ -Kofi Annan

The woman is the creator of life and without women the human life will cease to exist. But, unfortunately, we live in a male-dominated society where women are referred to as weak and ugly in men. The situation of women is worsening in India. In India, women are looked down upon and treated as men slaves.

“I think women are foolish to pretend to be equal to men; they are superior and they always are.” -The Gold Machine

The Purdah system, Sati practice, child marriage, and other such programs of weakness have been controlled or ceased to exist. But there are still many issues such as increasing cases of rape against women, sexual harassment in the workplace, crowdfunding programs, murder of women, honor killings, etc.

But many individuals, organizations, activists and groups work to uplift Indian women. Women know about their rights, they have many roles, and they know their power. But, not only the women themselves, but men need to wake up to a world that advances equality and equality. It is better to have this put in place than to be later, for our convenience. The long struggle going on for over a century has brought about women, voting rights, human rights, property rights, etc. Before the law on marriage and employment matters.

Even in Rajasthan, much work is being done to empower women. Improved girls’ education, better job opportunities for women, better work environments, successful implementation of business ideas, strengthening family support and open mindedness, positive change in public thinking, etc. It has been instrumental in empowering women in Jaipur and Rajasthan.

But, it is imperative to accelerate the growth of women because hundreds of thousands of women have suffered from injustice and injustice for centuries now, and it is time to end it so that women can cherish their femininity and femininity in the process of psychosis. First we need to address all social inequalities that affect women & # 39; to further change the position of women in society and nation. Next, when women will realize their worth and not give in to any wrongdoing, they can free themselves and stand up for their rights. Also, men need to understand that women are equal in all respects and should be treated with the utmost respect, dignity and integrity.

The world will know peace, harmony and sustainable growth when women and men will be together fearless and dependent on their partners.

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