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Dying to be beautiful – will your beauty products kill you?

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Apply antifreeze to your skin to keep it warm. Apply your false eyelashes and car adhesive with a firm hold. These beauty tips that may sound completely strange; but believe it or not, many people inadvertently do it these days of their lives. Many products that are meant for our health, well-being, and beauty can contain highly toxic ingredients.

The most commonly used chemicals found in beauty products are sodium lauryl sulfate. It is found in 90 percent of foam products. This includes car washes and enzymes for engines and shampoos, soaps, and baths. It is also hidden in other pseudo-natural products and the description “comes from coconuts”. When tested in animals, sodium lauryl sulfate caused eye damage, nervous system problems, difficulty breathing, skin irritation, diarrhea, and death. Not to mention, these are not the dangers you need to take to gather daily.

One of the most toxic chemicals found in cosmetics is mostly propylene glycol. First, propylene glycol is strong enough to remove barnicals from boats. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns of any dangers of exposure to this potentially harmful petroleum. The results are brain, liver and kidney disorders. Think about that the next time you go to your favorite deodorant.

Mineral oil is one of the chemicals you can find in most beauty products. It is a petroleum product that cooks the skin like plastic, which locks. Skin activity is slow as a result of premature aging. Baby oil is made from 100 percent mineral oil.

Different products may have lower amounts of these toxic ingredients. However, over time, these toxins can accumulate in the body causing serious consequences for your health. There will certainly not be any restrictions on government for beauty products coming any time soon. However, there are safety precautions that can be taken to prevent dangerous products. Buy beauty products from retailers that provide environmentally friendly products. Add detoxing supplement to your daily regimen to deal with the effects of these toxic ingredients as they accumulate in the body.

It will raise a red flag if the list of ingredients in your beauty products seems to read like a chemistry report. Be sure to do product research on your beauty routine. The list of toxic ingredients and guidelines can be easily accessed from the world wide web. Once you learn that there is no reason to die to be beautiful.

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