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Cosmetic Surgery

How Can I Do Cosmetic Surgery on My Skin and Skin?



Cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular these days because most of the procedures performed have turned to intermediate ones. Such surgery improves the appearance or function of certain parts of the body. In this article, you will learn about the definitions for making different face decorations.

The skin

Skin area of ​​the face with a wide range of potential according to the cosmetic procedure. Different types of cosmetic surgery can be done on facial skin, which can be associated with people who want different results. Some of the surgical procedures performed in this area include:

To raise your face

As an adult, facial skin has lost its radiance, making it look relaxed and vibrant. Lifting of the face makes the skin look tighter and more flexible.

The face is high

The skin on the forehead can be strengthened by tightening the forehead. This process leads to a reduction of the bag on the upper tiles.


Massage therapy is one of the moisturizing processes that help to tighten the skin or open skin. However, it does not leave any scars and does not have time to rest, unlike the height of the face / forehead.

Chemical chemical

In this cosmetic procedure, treatments are applied to the chemical treatment of the face. In the process, extra layers of skin are removed, leading to soft and healthy skin.


Just like the chemical formula, dermabrasion aims to remove the discomfort of the skin so that the patient has soft and sensitive skin. To achieve this, dermabrasion uses a diamond rotation tool.

A laser to deal with again

Carbon sugar laser is used in this process. It is applied to the skin to reduce the look of facial lines and wrinkles.

Face filters

A wide range of facial film products, such as collagen, hylaform and restylane, among others. Such products can penetrate the skin of the face to reduce the look of wrinkles and wrinkles. These can add extra volume to the skin and create specific areas of skin tightness.


Botox, like solvents, is affected on certain areas of the lines or wrinkles. However, unlike filters, Botox does not fill the space. Instead, it only weakens the muscles that bring the brown lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes.


Another common facial feature that patients would like to improve on is eye care. They often choose to perform this operation as they age, when they can look cramped. Cosmetic surgeries that include eye area are the following:

Lifting the foreskin

Blepharoplasty or eyelid removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids. This procedure can be done on the upper or lower eyelid or or both.

For eyelash delivery

People who wish to have longer, more full eyelash options can opt for an eyelash dispensing system. This makes it possible to use a unique method to add or replace life-sized eyelids.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Mistakes are often made when deciding on Plastic / cosmetic surgery




Patients who are planning to undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery would certainly like to get the best possible results and should read this article. The top five most common mistakes that patients make when deciding to go for treatment and how to avoid it are the following:

They do not exercise properly

Patients should carefully check the background of their chosen doctor, if they have the necessary certification, but should not have limited resources. They should not complete a surgeon just because they are updating social media, photo number or worse, because of the cost. They will have to make sure that they are doing research on their surgery, what it entails, and the other options available – because there is a doctor who doesn’t talk about specific procedures unless they do. They can also refer to evidence, such as before and after pictures.

Moving to another country

Some people who are interested in having plastic / cosmetic surgery go to the point of traveling all the way to another country to get a bargain. Although some of the results are good, there are cases when the surgery gives poor results due to factors such as language barriers, few or no consultation, minimal support, a trained or uninsured doctor, and no medical responsibility. It is dangerous to undergo rats in a foreign country, and may cause patients to pay more for surgery and more reliable results.

High expectations / poor expectations

A common mistake made by many plastic / cosmetic patients is expecting it to be a ridiculous result. The results of plastic / cosmetic surgery are not different between patients, so they do not have to compare their procedure with what their friends have gone through, or the stories that other people have heard. Most patients think that the wounds left depend on the expertise of the doctor, but this may depend on factors such as genetics, as well as lifestyle and general health.

Not thinking about risks

There are risks and complications associated with going through all kinds of surgery and, of course, patients need to be aware of these things. They will have to ask their potential doctor / orthopedic surgeon for all the questions they have in mind, and expect the doctor to explain the risks to them. While all types of surgery come with risks, these can be reduced by ensuring that the doctor is qualified, trained and certified by the board. Reconstructive surgery to correct poor performance comprises additional risk and, therefore, it is better to perform the correct initial procedure.

Not taking the opportunity for full consultation.

Once a patient has made a decision about a doctor who will perform the procedure, he or she should prepare a list of questions to fully prepare for the interview. Many patients fail to ask important questions. As a first step, they should make sure that they ask if this type of procedure is inappropriate, the side is affected by the surgery if it is available, and how often the doctor has done it. These are some of the most important questions, but there are some. In addition, it is important to disclose all information, including their diet, supplements and their bad habits if there is smoking. Although they may think that all of these are unimportant, these defects may also affect the outcome of the surgical procedure, as well as the patient’s healing.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Should Youth Have a Plastic Surgery? Surgery for Chemical Teen




One of the most widespread correspondence here today about plastic surgery is whether or not youth net worth should be able to. The main problem in this debate is that the law still has to be intervened and says that there is no way for a doctor to perform this surgery. Many people insist that the choice of plastic surgery should be made only by adults. Their number one reason is because the teenage body is still growing.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has issued guidelines for their doctors to be certified as compliant with a medical examination. The doctor’s decision should be based on the fact that the teenage body must be ready for such changes and their emotional state must be ready.

The real rule involved in plastic surgery for teens comes from the FSA stating that no person under the age of 18 will be allowed breast augmentation. But it is a limitation on government involvement. There are no rules that say a teenager cannot have ears, nose or ink.

The fact is, although the number of young people who have had plastic surgery has decreased over the years, there are still many programs that are being done. One representative of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has been quoted as saying that the most likely scenario is that many doctors say the test can be done, but in fact it should not. Get down to every strong dollar and how much money a doctor can safely afford in any given time.

The body of an adolescent still continues to grow after 18 years, with any teenager deciding that something is wrong, even if its development is not completed, and perhaps the wrong way to do things. Many young people have opted for plastic surgery and in many cases like anything related to adolescent life it comes down to social media. A teenager who undergoes plastic surgery is made to look like a movie star, doing so only to satisfy a crowd that shouldn’t have started. This can also lead to more feelings as the child grows older and wonders if this choice was right.

Teenagers like the look and feel of others. No matter how repentant they may be, they will never be perfect with their eyes of mind. And the bottom line is that young people cannot emotionally make the right decision about whether or not a program or program takes them. Most parents do not help. The reason why parents cannot find excuses for an unknown reason will give the necessary permission and cash for their young child to continue the process.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Some of the most common types of surgery




Brows Lift

It is often referred to as a bandage or forehead, aimed at lifting dirty eyebrows and / or removing wrinkles or anxious lines that are often associated with aging. This procedure is performed in combination with other cosmetic procedures that aim to achieve a perfect face.

The combination of Chin

The program aims to make the patient’s chin look more radiant and the facial features look better. The doctor invests in putting something. Usually, a patient who has undergone a nose job (rhinoplasty) also undergoes a chin augmentation at the same time. Occasionally, a surgeon is able to operate on a jaw bone without a transplant. However, chin augmentation using implants is very popular among patients with teeth and commonly used jaws.

Generic Review

This exercise aims to provide the patient with the best cheekbones. Some doctors do this work by putting the animal on top of the toxin. According to most patients, weak cheeks make their face look skinny and old. As we grow older, our cheeks become more and more lost.

Cheek Upgrade

Also called the mid-rise position, this exercise raises the center of the face (eyebrow) to improve fullness and spoon juice and eye area.

Hair distribution

Most men – especially Caucasian men, but some women experience hair loss. This condition is due to genetic reasons. Modified hair instead of large hair. To achieve the desired results, patients may be required to perform multiple hair thinning sessions. After six weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out and be replaced within three months after the new hair has come out.

Collagen needle

Collagen is frequently used in plastic and surgical procedures for treating patients, as well as for bone formation. It is also used to treat patients suffering from urinary incontinence. Collagen injection, however, may present other problems, one of which is prolonged corrosion in some patients. Before surgery, doctors may perform a laboratory test to determine if the patient is at risk. Most of the collagen is derived from young beef cows, because they did not come with BSE or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease). Collagen may be derived from pig tissue.

Such treatments are dermal filters used with herbal remedies to reduce lines, sores and wrinkles and to add a softening effect. Collagen treatment is temporary because the body is damaged. They should be repeated later.

The needle of oil

Also known as a blend of oils, it has many applications in cosmetic surgery. This is done by collecting fat from one part of the patient’s body and then inserting it into areas that need improvement. Overall, these products produce safe and lasting results. Patients are more satisfied with needles for waste because these focus on two issues.

The fat is removed from the body that needs to be reduced in fat and then added to another body that needs more volume. The fat is then removed, washed, diluted and re-injected with a needle. For best results, the patient has to go through the same procedure several times.

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